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  • 3D Skin Tester Machine
  • 3D Skin Tester
  • Skin Tester
  • 3D Skin Tester Machine
  • 3D Skin Tester
  • Skin Tester

3D Skin Tester Machine

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Introduction of 3D Skin Tester Machine

Skin analyzer can detect those skin problems, not only surfacial skin problem but also those hidden skin base layer through the quantitative analysis. It will put out these problems in the bud. So that you understand their own facial skin spots, flare, chloasma, red blood silk, wrinkles, skin texture, large pores, acne these eight problems.

we offer skin analysis machine to help you realize your skin goals and find products that will truly work for you. Your Face test reveals your true skin type and possible underlying causes of skin conditions you might have such as breakout activity, dehydration, sensitivity and/or uneven skin tone. These insights drive the recommendations we make in your personalized Skin Fitness Plan. 

Every Face test takes several minutes and is conducted by a qualified Dermalogica skin care professional at one of our Concept Spaces, or at an authorized salon or spa.

Working Theory of 3D Skin Tester Machine

The mirror skin detector is an advanced image analysis system, which can be used to promote the method of skin treatment and improve the effect of patients. Mirror the revolutionary breakthrough of pathology analysis system: computer mirror apparatus is currently the world's advanced image analysis system, it is to use RGB and UV spectral imaging technology, can be detected, pores, wrinkles and pigment spots, such as UV or sunlight cause varying degrees of damage to the skin, skin condition accurately present in front of the patient, the doctor proposed targeted and function before and after pictures can detailed comparison!

Functions of 3D Skin Tester Machine

  • 1.Dermatological module that can detect skin diseases such as sensitive skin, dermatitis, acne;

  • 2.Skin evaluation module, including wrinkles, spots, pores, moisture, elasticity, texture, acne

  • 3.Skin attribute module, including skin age, facial features , score evaluation, etc.;

  • 4.Contrast analysis module, can be used to visualize the comparison results of the two test results before and after;

  • 5.Report module, according to the user test results summary data, provide corresponding skin care recommendations, precautions, product recommendations and other data;

  • 6-speed module, store customer information, fully follow up the customer skin management workstation;

  • 7.Solution module, according to the inspection results, input the merchant product according to the customer's suggestion;

  • 8.Set the module to support cloud storage, multi-account management, remote and More convenient management functions.

Advantages of 3D Skin Tester Machine

  • 1. The base of the skin base can be seen.

  • 2. Show the extent of deep uv damage.

  • 3. Provide professional analysis data on skin problems such as wrinkles, uneven complexion, pores, and spots.

  • 4. In different areas of need improvement area, accurate display of improvement progress, built-in classification comparison.

  • 5. Comprehensive quantitative comparisons can be made with other people of the same age and skin type.

  • 6. Provide detailed analysis of individual differences.

  • 7. Generate detailed action plan automatically.

Features of 3D Skin Tester Machine

  • 1.Can be turned with 360 degrees;

  • 2.Operate easily, it has its own analysis system, dosen't need to contact with computer or other equipments;

  • 3.Auto-focus; Auto-analysis;

  • 4.Fast analysis, without dead halt;

  • 5.Has cloud storage, no worry of losing data;

  • 6.The analysis report and the products recommendation can be sent by WeChat directly.

  • 7.Support multi-languages;

  • 8.Small in size, lower freight .

3D Skin Tester Machine

3D Skin Tester Machine

 Skin Tester Machine

3D Skin Tester Machine


3D Skin Tester Machine Factory Price

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3D Skin Tester Machine Common Problem

  • What is a Skin Analysis?

    A skin analysis is the process of understanding the current and past history of your skin, this may involve sebum, keratin, impurities, pores, wrinkles, spots, and moisture tests. Most professionals such as; dermatologists, aesthetic clinics, cosmetic clinics, spas, and skincare companies are utilizing diagnostic tools or devices to conduct these tests.

  • When Should You Get A Skin Analysis

    Once a month is the ideal. However if you’re serious about your skin health and want to know whether the products that you’re using are working, then having it twice a month ensures that you can monitor your skin’s progress. Many factors affects your skin analysis – stressful events, food and liquid intakes, exercise choices, and environmental exposures like humidity or outdoor activities will contribute to internal cell changes. Internal changes will eventually progress into external or visual changes. The skin is an dynamic and constantly changing organ, and its nutrient requirements also change over the year. Knowing the current state of your skin will help you understand its needs and by addressing these needs you’ll achieve that glowing skin you’ve always wanted.

  • Working Theory of Skin Analysis

    The process of skin analysis involves delving deep into your skin history and taking the skin data of the following; sebum, pores, keratin, impurities, spots, moisture, and wrinkles. This process normally involves capturing micro-zoom high-resolution images, every person is unique that’s why personal information such as; age, gender, and skin type are also important contributing factors to the results of the analysis.

  • How Long Skin Analysis Process Take?

    An in-depth skin analysis normally takes 15 minutes, however depending on the provider of the service and the kind of skin analyzer that they are using, it can take as short as 2 minutes. This may involve taking images, asking questions about your skin history and analyzing the results of the tests.

  • What are the benefits of skin analysis?

    Skin analyzer can detect those skin problems, not only surfacial skin problem but also those hidden skin base layer through the quantitative analysis. It will put out these problems in the bud. So that you understand their own facial skin spots, flare, chloasma, red blood silk, wrinkles, skin texture, large pores, acne these eight problems.

    • Identifying the different skin types such as oily, dry, sensitive or a combination
    • We can address hidden sun damage, pigmentation, blocked pores, wrinkles and fine lines.
    • Your salon treatment and home-care is 100% tailored to your needs and will start preventing and treating your skin issues.
    • It will allow you to stop signs of damage before they reach the surface of your skin.
    • Helping tailor a skincare and treatment plan
    • Giving a picture of the current state of your skin
    • Determining your risk factors for skin problems

  • How much is a 3D Skin Tester Machine

    The price of the skin analyzer is based on different configurations, and the price will vary depending on the configuration; please consult our customer service for a quotation form for a 3D Skin Tester Machine

3D Skin Tester Machine Certificates

ADSS 3D Skin Tester Machine has FDA, (TUV) CE, (TUV) ISO 13485, Utility Model Patent Certificate; as well as the right of import and export certificate.

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  • 3D Skin Tester Machine
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  • 3D Skin Tester Machine FDA

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3D Skin Tester Machine

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