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  • Medical 3D Skin Analysis Machine
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Medical 3D Skin Analysis Machine

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Medical 3D Skin Analysis Machine Theory

Introduction of Medical 3D Skin Analysis Machine

Medical 3D Skin Analysis Machine:using patented bio sensing principle, the depth of the probe in the epidermis and dermis layer of moisture, skin elasticity of physical parameters of oil content and the most representative were detected, and calculate the ratio and volume measurement Due to moisture skin cells in the presence of liquidity, automatic control sensor for multi vector duplicate detection, large amounts of data and the complex formula of acquisition analysis gives the most close to the real situation data Like a man in a water and oil pool swimming, water and oil content in different speed travel, thereby detecting oil and water content Elasticity of the skin using geometric difference principle design, precision, high reliability


Medical 3D Skin Analysis Machine Function

Functions of Medical 3D Skin Analysis Machine

  • 1.When taking an image of the facial skin and instantly analyzing the client's skin data, for example, detecting the elasticity, once the system analysis is completed, "the elasticity of the skin is 45%" will appear and the conclusion is that "the elasticity of the skin is poor."

  • 2.After analyzing the data and results, the "Training reasons" and "Suggestions for improvement" dialog boxes appear in an instant and automatically combine and recommend related products or physiotherapy that improve elasticity.

  • 3.After the implementation of the product or physiotherapy, the test can be carried out and the test data and the result change can be seen. For example, the result will be "the elasticity of the skin is 51%", and the result of the test can become "the elasticity of the skin is normal".

  • 4.Once all the elements have been analyzed, a skin analysis report will be generated. The report contains the test data and the results of all the test elements, as well as the recommended products or physiotherapy automatically, and you can save or print the report.

  • 5.The 3D photo of the client's skin is generated instantly, and the roughness of the skin can be clearly discriminated.

  • 6.The analyzer is equipped with a polarizing function to detect deep pigmentation spots on the skin, etc.

  • 7.The system has powerful member management functions, adding, saving, editing, deleting customer data and saving each customer test record.

  • 8.Backup and restore of data can be done to prevent data loss when the computer fails.

  • 9.You can change the clinic LOGO, the product entered or the name of the physiotherapy by background editing.


Medical 3D Skin Analysis Machine Advantages

Advantages of Medical 3D Skin Analysis Machine

  • 1.detection of skin characteristics, wrinkles, UV reflection points and many other tests.

  • 2.Grouping of skin conditions: compare the characteristics of this patient's skin with the skin type of other people of the same age

  • 3.Recurring facial photography: ensuring cycle photography between the secondary point and the defined position incorporated under standard lighting

  • 4.Qualitative report: provides patients with a more understandable qualitative analysis report and recommendations for the treatment of skin lesions

  • 5.Medical imaging software to provide more effective treatment advice in the early stages of preserving customer data and treatment plans

  • 6.Small magnifying glass tool: selectively test the specific characteristics of the skin when zooming in and out of the image

  • 7.Multiple database selection: Organize clinical studies such as internal medicine or other doctors according to the needs of the patients

  • 8.Image output: image transfer, which provides more data and planning for use and presentation

  • 9.Easy to use interface: the attractive sensor interface makes the operator work faster

Before & After

  • Medical 3D Skin Analysis Machine Treatment results
  • Medical 3D Skin Analysis Machine Before&After
  • Medical 3D Skin Analysis Machine Treatment Before&After

Working Theory of 3D Skin Analysis Machine

A skin microscope with a special lens-Derma’s special lens is equipped with optical design technology, giving you the ability to take clear, high-resolution images of your skin.  and attach it to your phone, anywhere. No power or charging required./ You can analyze your skin condition through our private beauty application. Use our private beauty application  and check your skin condition(skin tone, pores, skin oil, skin texture). Daily, weekly, monthly management of your skin is possible.

Features of Medical 3D Skin Analysis Machine

  • 1.A breakthrough in skin analysis the Skin Analyzer machine will allow the client and esthetician to recognize and diagnose skin problems together.

  • 2.The Skin Analyzer employs a long-wave U-V light that causes problem areas on the skin to be illuminated as different colors.

  • 3.This device has been used for countless years. It aid in the diagnosis of skin disorders and is safe for the skin and eyes.

  • 4.With this visual representation of where the problem areas are or may occur, the esthetician can easier communicate to the client the benefits of proper skin treatment and care.

Technical Parameters of Medical 3D Skin Analysis Machine


12 Mega pixels

Optical source


Opertion System


Machine size


Net Weight


Power supply

110V~240V AC


50/60 Hz (+/- 3 Hz)


3 A (rms)

Medical 3D Skin Analysis Machine

Medical Skin Analysis Machine

Medical 3D Skin Analysis Machine

3D Skin Analysis Machine

Medical 3D Skin Analysis Machine Manufacturer Price

Medical 3D Skin Analysis Machine Certificates

ADSS Medical 3D Skin Analysis Machine has FDA, (TUV) CE, (TUV) ISO 13485, Utility Model Patent Certificate; as well as the right of import and export certificate.

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  • Medical 3D Skin Analysis Machine
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  • Medical 3D Skin Analysis Machine FDA

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Medical 3D Skin Analysis Machine

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